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White Papers

Learn about specific industry issues and understand how Verifone's solutions solve the challenges many of our clients face.

How to Ensure Mobile POS Success PDF

Mobile POS is here, and many retailers are using it to their competitive advantage. Here's what you need to know to gain advantages of your own.

How Tablets and Smartphones will Revolutionize Retail PDF

Reimagine retail with Verifone NFC and mobile solutions

NFC: Any Wallet, App or Program PDF

How to manage the growing complexity of mobile commerce at the point of sale.

Verifone PAYware Mobile with VeriShield Total Protect Technical Assessment White Paper  PDF

Verifone engaged Coalfire Systems Inc. (Coalfire) to conduct an independent technical assessment of the PAYware Mobile Terminal solution. Coalfire reviewed the full PAYware Mobile Terminal solution through architecture review, technical testing, forensic analysis and compliance control alignment and validation.

VX Evolution: Enriching the Payments Interface for Modern Consumers  PDF

Examining market drivers behind the evolution of Verifone's next generation of POS terminals. Payment devices are a powerful part of the overall retail experience. Verifone believes that today's devices must address retailers' business needs for optimum security and greater return on investment, while also appealing to, and engaging effectively with, the consumer.

PIN Pad Best Practices and PED Physical Security PDF

Retailers are facing a new and growing threat. Locked out of the payments chain by EMV and encryption, today's criminals are now turning to the Payment Entry Device (PED) itself. Fraudsters can steal and re-engineer PEDs before re-installing them into retail outlets, such as supermarkets and petrol stations, often in collusion with a staff member

A Cashless Future on the Horizon  PDF

Contactless solutions are transforming payment. Speed, expediency and increased operational efficiency have put contactless on the counter in convenience, quick service and ticketing environments

Extending the Self-Service Revolution  PDF

A new generation of secure, interactive payment devices is set to revolutionize the payments landscape. Convenient, safe and easy to use, they offer vendors new ways to engage and extend services to modern techno-savvy consumers.