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Grow with Verifone

Consistently deliver innovative card products and acquiring services that stand out. Offer more solutions, gain customers and increase revenue. With Verifone, your operation will be in a state of constant innovation.

  • Leverage advanced, powerful technologies
  • Speed ideas to market
  • Gain a strategic advantage

With Verifone, the power and expertise of more than 30 years of industry leadership becomes your asset. Whatever your acquiring needs – Verifone is the solution.

Future-Proof and Flexible Hardware Solutions

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, everything is on the rise. More competition. More new market entrants. More discerning clients. More risk. But with Verifone, you can help your merchants not only meet today’s demands, but also exceed them. Gain the strategic advantage with the most up-to-date hardware on the market today.

Customizable and Scalable Managed Solutions for Merchants of All Sizes

Verifone Managed Services can relieve you of payment system management burdens, reinforce your strong relationships with merchants and serve as an attractive source of recurring revenue for you. Scalable and on-demand, Verifone’s Managed Services remotely and securely manage all or part of your merchants’ payment transactions and configurations. Verifone's Managed Services creates a user-friendly environment to relieve acquirers of the complexity of managing it all on their own.