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MegaNAC 180

The Power Behind an Intelligent Network

Connecting into an intelligent network means tapping into multiple features and technologies. The ultra-reliable MegaNACĀ® 180 makes this possible.Ā  The MegaNAC 180 high-density, dial access POS concentrator with fault-tolerant, multi-function architecture interconnects into elegant, intelligent networks and handles a variety of access modes and protocols.

MegaNAC's intelligent communications devices provide a wide range of digital and analog interfaces, line and data concentration, protocol conversion, transaction routing and more. Handling a variety of access modes and protocols, including T1/E1 digital interfacing, the MegaNAC 180 delivers low cost-per-port benefits. Comes with GUI-based management for detail, simplicity and speed.

Key Benefits:

Upgrade Services

Implement cost-effective services to integrate newer applications or upgrade current network solutions.

Grow with Business Needs

Interchangeable port processors support upgrades or new services without disrupting current services or redesigning the existing network. Network chassis can be used separately or combined to scale to meet any network requirement.

Connect with Intelligent Network

Client/server architecture provides comprehensive activity and performance statistics, alerts, allows remote downloads and upgrades. Multi-function architecture interconnects into intelligent networks.