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MegaNAC 8000

Mission Critical Services for Large Banks or Processors

The MegaNACĀ® 8000 network chassis from Verifone is designed for large central sites, such as banks or large processors. Employing a passive backplane, the MegaNAC 8000 supports dual, hot-swappable power supplies to ensure mission critical services are always sustained.

The MegaNAC 8000 supports up to 16 port processors for multiple applications/services and supports dual, hot-swappable power supplies for continual coverage. Includes multi-protocol POS dial access support for up to 60 concurrent access lines. The GUI-based management with detail, simplicity and speed helps with managing and maintaining large, central sites.

Key Benefits:

Reliable Support for Large Central Sites

The network chassis can be used separately or combined to scale to meet any network requirement and it utilizes a unique internal transport mechanism and encryption technology to transport data in its native mode, saving bandwidth and providing secure transmission for transactions.

Flexible Development and Growth

Securely provides unequaled support of data and POS payment transactions while implementing cost-effective services to integrate newer applications or upgrade current network solutions.

Powerful Network Management

Client/server architecture provides comprehensive activity and performance statistics, alerts and allows remote downloads and upgrades.