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Management, Intelligence and Diagnostics

Experience greater savings, revenue and service with VeriCentre’s three powerful offerings —management, business intelligence and diagnostics — all strategically grouped together.

VeriCentre, an estate management solution from Verifone, significantly reduces costs, improves customer service and provides new revenue opportunities. It delivers unprecedented productivity and flexibility with an array of capabilities and automation for any size install base or multi-application environment.  Since it works with all Vx Solutions and VX Evolution payment devices, VeriCentre can be deployed across vertical markets.

Download Management, Resume and Recovery

VeriCentre’s advanced download management engine securely and simultaneously downloads parameters, system updates and applications at the most economical and least disruptive times.

The powerful download recovery tool automatically resumes any disrupted downloads at the point of failure, rather than starting completely over again.

Remote Diagnostics

Tools for remote diagnostics help identify and resolve issues or potential problems without requiring that devices be returned for repair.

Business Intelligence

VeriCentre offers substantial benefits by providing advanced, yet simplistic information collection tools to measure usage statistics and performance levels. And with its robust reporting capabilities, that data can easily be used to make more informed business decisions.

Designed to Support Your Success

VeriCentre offers substantial benefits by supporting various industry standard databases, secure web access and tight integration with enterprise systems. With advanced monitoring and reporting tools, estate managers can measure usage statistics, performance levels and more, sharing the data easily throughout an organization.

From one centralized system, experience lower costs, better service and more revenue opportunities.