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Securely Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Create a secure mobile payment checkout anywhere, anytime by turning your iPad, iPod Touch or smart device into a hand-held, roaming, mobile payment processing register. Avoid walk-outs during busy times. Close sales at remote vendor events or sidewalk sales. Increase speed of service and profits.

Our mobile payment systems are certified to the highest security standards. Significantly reduce your enterprise system PCI compliance scope with encryption using our mobile payment solution.

Engage Your Customers Anywhere with Mobile Retailing

Engage customers with personalized interaction and additional point-of-sale options using our mobile retail solutions. Our mobile retail software provides added convenience without adding additional sales associates.

Use mobile retailing to increase units per transaction with the ability to offer complementary products. Increase transaction volume and enable real-time visibility to inventory across your enterprise with Verifone's mobile inventory software. Wirelessly manage inventory and even pricing.

Accept All Leading Mobile Wallets

Verifone enables merchants to accept all leading mobile wallets, NFC-or cloud-based, across the entire product line. Enable mobile offers, coupons and loyalty from multiple mobile wallets in your existing merchant systems without major changes.

Be ready for any change to mobile payments, including NFC technology updates. We provide you with a complete infrastructure for the management of multiple mobile wallet-enabled schemes with easy enablement and management of new wallets and apps.

Mobile Components

Enterprise Mobile Payments

Customizable:The flexibility of the Verifone Mobile Framework allows merchants to develop customized applications for their unique needs.
Increase RevenueUse our convenient mobile payment processing system to perform price checks, inventory searches and customer check-out right where they are.
Universal Mobile PaymentsSecurely accept all forms of payments, whether a magnetic swipe, EMV chip, mobile payment or NFC payment.
Multi-FunctionalLeverage mobile payment solutions for line busting, inventory management, remote scanning, direct store delivery, price checking, and additional employee efficiency.

Mobile Retailing

Anywhere TransactionsWherever the customer is ready to check out, our mobile retail software ensures you’re ready to securely accept payment.
Cross-sell and UpsellMerchandising made easy when inventory can be compared to customer history, likes and sizes – all at your fingertips.
EntertainDeliver product and service videos or promotional announcements to enhance sales..
InteractLeverage mobile retailing to add a touch point, enroll customers in loyalty and credit and card programs, and scale interactions with customers without adding associates.

Mobile Wallets

Seamless IntegrationUse our mobile wallet and NFC solutions to integrate all mobile offers, coupons and promotions seamlessly with your systems.
All Wallets and AppsMerchants can accept all mobile wallets, NFC and cloud-based, on their systems.
Management Le portefeuille mobile de Verifone et le logiciel et les services technologiques NFC contribuent à gérer les complexités du commerce mobile.